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Introducing the BARRA LED Retrofit gear trays. A low cost solution to fulfil the new LED regulations to be implemented in 2016 to reduce power consuption throughout the UK.

WRTL ARC 80 & 90

CU Phosco P567A

Urbis Shapphire 1 & 2

Retro Fit LED Gear Trays

This range of retrofit TOFCO gear trays are designed to fit in a wide range of street light heads. They are designed to upgrade the fitting by utilising the same housing but converting the head from discharge of fluorescent lamps to the lasts LED technology.

Retro Fit LED Gear Trays

LED engines are based around the Nichia 219 series of LED's. These are single die products with a 3.5mm x 3.5mm ceramic holder and silicone lens for precise control. The ceramic base gives the best thermal path to the aluminium clad circuit board giving the best passive thermal control available. The LED's have raw efficiency of 156 lumen's per watt. The light is then directed through a precise lens to give the ideal distribution for street lighting applications. The optical grade PMMA lens is a special sealed unit and has no further optics or protection, this gives the best lighting performance without any secondary distortion or loss.

Weight Circuit Watts Lumens Per Watt Lumens Output Operating Mode Colour Temp Lamp Replaces UMSUG Code Maintenance Factor
1.5kg 12 128 1680 350mA 4000K 70w SON/PL/PLL 41 0012 0015 100 L70
1.5kg 24 128 3260 350mA 4000K 55w SOX, 70 SON 41 0024 0034 100 L70
1.5kg 48 128 6720 700mA 4000K 150w SON 41 0048 0017 100 L70
1.5kg 72 128 10080 700mA 4000K 250w SON 41 0072 0016 100 L70