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AC LED RF036 Lamp

Tofco CPP Limited are proud to offer an in-house developed product to solve your future Street Lighting requirements. Introducing TOFCO's new retro fit LED 36 watt lamp which is a direct replacement for 70w SON & Metal Halide lamps, providing instant energy savings of up to 60%.

AC LED Retro Fit 36 Watt Lamp

The LED lamp uses patented AC LED technology that eliminates the requirement for an expensive, bulky and failure prone AC-DC power supply or driver. Delivering efficiency, reliability and a high power factor providing an effective replacement for power hungry SON & Metal Halide lamps.

AC driverless technology allows for a direct connection of 230V mains supply cables. The existing control gear is bypassed for a simple and quick installation and the lamp can be supplied with an E27 or E40 base to fit directly to the lamp holder.

The existing power consumption of traditional 70w SON lantern with magnetic wire wound control gear is 90watts, the TOFCO AC LED RF 36w lamp reduces this to 36watts - while maitaining lumen output.

The TOFCO AC LED retro fit lamp features aluminium passive thermal managment, which allows air circulation around each LED module to ensure optimal lighting performance and long life.

The following examples shows the Energy and Carbon saving benifits from switching your existing 70w installations to the NEW LED Retro Fit 36watt lamp.

For calculation purposes all figures are based on 100 units.

Base Assumptions Results
Annual Burn Hours 4130hrs
Average Energy Cost per kWh £0.11
Average Carbon Cost £16.00
Cabon per kWh 0.541
Power 70w SON Generic lamp 90w
Power TOFCO AC LED RF 36w lamp 36w
Data 70w SON AC LED RF 36w Savings per Year
Annual Energy Cost £4047.12 £1618.85 £2428.27
Annual Carbon Cost £318.47 £127.39 £191.08
Total £4365.59 £1746.24 £2619.35
Cost of TOFCO LED lamp £7,500.00
Cost of "Wiring Out" existing control gear £1,000.00
Payback in Years on Energy Alone 3.5 Years
Payback in Years on Energy + Carbon 3.25 Years

After the payback period, the TOFCO LED lamp shown in the above example will save the client £26.19 per colum per year in Energy & Carbon