Tofco EV Isolator Units
On street charging is the most convenient way for EV drivers to charge their cars

Tofco have been in the business of supplying cable terminations for power supplies to lampposts for over 40 years & with an EV Isolator Unit, we can utilise this existing infrastructure to convert you standard lighting column in to an EV charging point or provide a sub-feed to a satellite charging point.

This solution takes advantage of existing infrastructure and provides the Local Authorities with a low-cost answer to rolling out on street charging for residents. Planning permission is not required.

To meet BS7671 your existing isolator will need to be upgraded and the supply converted to TT - unless you are considering the inclusion of an O-PEN devise with your distribution system.

EV Charging Isolators
TYPE 1 EV Isolator
The Type 1 EV isolator unit sits above the DNO cut-out unit and is provided with pre-wired cable tails, 1 x 25A 30mA Type A, C curve RCBO for the EV charging point + 1 x 6A 30mA Type A, C curve RCBO for the street lighting.
TYPE 2 EV Isolator
The Type 2 EV isolator unit sits above the DNO supply and is provided with DNO tails, 1 x 6A 30mA Type A, C curve RCBO for an upward lighting circuit and 1 x 25A 30mA Type A, C curve RCBO for a downward spur circuit to an EV bollard.

The above units are also available for SWA supplies on a private cable network.

If your EV charging unit does not have DC leakage built in, you must use a Type B RCBO? we can also fit these units within our Isolator Range.

The column mounted EV charging points permit any EV driver to simply pull up to a charge-point and, using their mobile device or in-car connectivity, login to the charge-point and pay on the spot for its use.

Tofco can provide a complete solution from the EV Feeder Pillar & Panel, EV Isolator and a range of column mounted Elexon approved charging points. Only charge points with Elexon regulatory approval may be powered by unmetered public street lighting. Units can also be easily installed on other street furniture such as bollards and wall and pole mounted.

Units can be set up for open unmetered supply or commercial operation. Commercial charge points permit smartphone, contactless and RFID cashless payment. Tofco can also provide revenue collection services for charge point operators.

OLEV grants are available for public charging, please contact us for more information.