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Pre-Wired Panels

Our aim is to meet your specification and exceed your requirements

The TOFCO range of pre-wired distribution panels are tailor made for various exterior lighting applications to meet our client's specification. With over 20 years of panel building experience for the UK and export market we have specialised in supplying Pre-wired Panels & Feeder Pillars into the Street Lighting and Electrical Contractor Sectors.

TOFCO Feeder Pillar and Control Panels are currently powering Motorway & Local Authority Lighting, CCTV, Airports, Rail, Schools, Car Park, Traffic Lights, Data and Communication Applications.

TOFCO provide a full schematic and lay-out drawing service to meet your specification. As part of our ISO 9001 QA Procedures TOFCO "PAD" (Panel Assembly Design) drawings are submitted to our clients for approval prior to build stage.

We manufacture a wide variety of Electrical Control Panels - single or three phase, individual or group switched with a variety of protective devices Fuses, MCB, RCD, RCBO etc. Optional internal components include light, heater, thermostat, RCD socket, document holders.

Control Equipment

The following are generally required to be fitted as standard to the enclosure backplate. Other equipment may be specified: A Single Pole & Neutral (SPN) or Three Phase & Neutral (TPSN) incoming isolator or fuse switch, with door interlocking facility. A suitable number of MCB's or BS88 fuse carriers for outgoing and auxiliary circuits - type, number and ratings as specified. A Neutral shrouded terminal busbar for connection of up to 11 x 25mm2 cables in addition to the control panel internal wiring. Enclosure body, door and chassis plate fully bonded to the earth bar. Relevant circuit identification and Safety Earth labels.

Additional Options

Examples of optional equipment that may be fitted to the enclosure are as follows: A suitably rated contactor(s) when switching is specified. A brass gland plate attached to the bottom of the box for cable termination. A switch unit for a 2 part photocell. A photocell connector block. Neon indicators on incoming and / or outgoing circuits. A suitably rated anti-condensation heater - 15, 20 or 60W. Terminal Blocks to accept cable sizes greater than 16mm2. Override switch, toggle or illuminated rotary. The following may also be fitted as options when supplied with our range of Feeder Pillar Cabinets:- External 13A RCD protected socket - for maintenance purposes. Light and Switch inside the cabinet.

Requirement Check List for Panels

When making an enquiry or placing an order there are a number of points that you may wish to consider to help identify your requirements, you can fill out the form below and a member of the Tofco Sales team will get in touch with you regarding your enquiry / order as soon as possible.

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Is there a written spec available? 

Is there an electrical schematic avaliable? 

Is there a typical layout drawing avaliable? 

Is the panel a new build or retrofit? 

Is the panel to be wall mounted or installed in a Feeder Pillar? 

If a Feeder Pillar is required will it be 3mm or 5mm? 

If a Feeder Pillar is required will it be HDG or painted? 

Is the main incoming supply SP-N or TP-N? 

Will the panel be SP-N, TP-N or Both? 

Will the panel require tails? 

Is the incoming main switch to be an? 

What rating for the incoming main switch is required? 

Are the outgoing circuits switched, 24hr or both? 

Are terminal blocks required for outgoing cables? 

Are aux items required? 

How many outgoing circuits are required? 

Is a brass gland plate required? 

Are glands required? 

Any specific requirements?