EK600 and EK800 Pillars

Underground distribution systems with Manhole cover

Marketplace designs that fit into urban landscapes, and the supply of marketplaces, individual stalls and events with electricity, fresh water and much more.

Hidden underground and well-protected against vandalism and damage. Fast and easy saccess for authorised personnel.

Product Code EK600 EK800
Clear Dimensions 400 x 650 550 x 800
Overall external dimensions 683 x 900 825 x 1050
Outer height without NH-00 back-up fuse approx. 640 or 860 approx. 625 or 845
Outer height with NH-00 back-up fuse approx. 1080 approx. 1065
Paveable stainless steel manhole cover and manhole frame up to D 400 acc. to DIN EN 124
Paving height 65
Maximum fuse protection 100 A
Connected load of the optional electric heater 180 W
Protection class of electric distributor closed: IP68 acc. to DIN EN 60 529
open: IP54 acc. to DIN EN 60 529
All sizes are mm other sizes are available, please call for details

Product Properties

  • Patented opening mechanism allows opening despite a layer of ice or dirt on the cover (positive opening function)
  • Opening mechanism protected against dirt by separate locking flap
  • Opening of the locking flap using a special construction key prevents unauthorised access
  • Modular design of the electrical socket combinations
  • Electrical socket combinations are integrated into flood proof submersion hood
  • Cable outlet on the left-hand and right-hand side of the locking mechanism, independent operation
  • Fresh water connections
    • Supply Line: 1 inch
    • Outlet: 1/2 inch
    • EK600 | adapter 2 x 1/2 inch to 1 inch
    • EK800 | adapter 2 or 4 x 1/2 inch to 1 inch + 1 x 2 inch waste water
  • Swivelling manhole cover, smooth running thanks to two stainless steel gas springs
  • Clear, logical assignment of the circuit breakers/residual current devices to the sockets
  • One miniature circuit breaker per socket
  • Sheet metal parts produced with modern sheet metal bending technology
  • Step protection
  • IP68 terminal housing acc. to DIN EN 60 529 with NH-00 fixture as back-up fuse or as terminal box
  • Clearly defined area for the installation of an expansion joint
  • Water connection installation in the area of the optional electric heater
  • Lockable
  • Centred locking mechanism for optimum application of force

Custom configuration EK600 and EK800

Modular electrical socket combinations
  • Intergrated into flood-proof submersion board
  • Configuration example (see configurator)
Terminal housing
  • IP68 acc. to DIN EN 60 529
  • With NH-00 back-up fuse or clamping block
Cover heater
  • 180 W
  • Thermostat
Fresh water
  • 2 x quick disconnect coupler, type GK 1/2-1" (EK600) or
  • 4 x quick disconnect coupler, type GK 1/2-1" (EK800)
  • Fresh water combined free-flow/check valve (KFR) shut-off valves (The operating company is responsible for the check valves)
  • Shut-off and drainage hydrant
  • Water meter
Waste water
  • Storz 52-C 2" DIN 14037 quick disconnect couplers for waste water
Compressed air
  • On request

Locking mechanism for EK600 and EK800

Opening mechanism protected by seperate locking flap

Locking mechanism with hexagon socket spanner for easy operation

Cable outlet and locking spring

Generously dimensioned cable outlet, possible for cables up to Ø 60mm

Patented locking mechanism