Tofco Voltage Regulator Unit

Moulded from flame retardant self extinguishing ABS

TOFCO presents the latest development in intelligent Cut-out Technology. The TVR unit is designed to provide cost savings at installation stage with the added bonus of additional electrical protection to the lantern, control gear & CMS system. The TVR unit combines "Voltage Regulation" and "Line Conditioning" in one compact unit that fits within the TOFCO extension box. It can be used with a Cut-out unit or Switched Isolator unit.

Volt Drop is a major concern for lighting designers due to the long length of cables runs within street lighting. The traditional solution to volt drop is to increase the cable size ensuring that the voltage at the end of the run falls within the standards as stated within Appendix 12, Table 12A of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671.

"The volt drop between the origin of any installation and any load point should not exceed 3.5%" Volt Drop % will vary depending on regions. ( Country Specific )

The TVR unit boosts the voltage at each lighting point, ensuring a constant voltage is delivered throughout the installation and eliminating the VOLT DROP issue over cable runs.

The TVR unit has two key components the "TVR - Tofco Voltage Regulator" and the "LCU - Line Conditioning Unit"


This example is fitted with 6no. Terminal blocks to accept up to 25mm2 circular conductors and an Internal IP8 Brass plate. Up to 4 MCB's, RCBO and Fuse Carriers can be fitted. Moulded from flame retardant self extinguishing ABS. Hinged lockable lid. Time control devices can also be fitted. Mouldings are secured by M4 stainless steel captive fixing screws into brass inserts. Brass ferrules with cable clamps or Cable Glands can be supplied / fitted to any extension box External Brass plates are also available. The TVR will take the burden off cables, connections, contactors and the mains supply transformer when a large number of public lights are switched on sequentially. Other configurations are also available, please contact us for details.

TVR Features & Benefits

Improve Power Quality. Power Supply Conditioning - ensure stable and constant power is delivered to each lighting point. Voltage Regulation - prolongs lamp & control control gear life. Reduction in cable sizes, instant cost savings on purchase price of cable. Smaller cables are quicker to install and terminate, saving on labour costs. Reduction in energy waste = reduced running costs.

LCU Feature Protects Against:

Spikes and Electrical Noise, Sags and Brownouts, Voltage Harmonics, Momentary Interruptions and Main Failures, Transient Voltages & Lighting Strikes, Soft Start, Minimise Power Up Surges, Reduced Maintenance.