The latest addition to the Tofco Passive Safety Kit range is an above ground Zero Voltage Feeder Pillar System TPSK-ZV-FP.

The TPSK-ZV-FP has been designed to give individual circuit control that provides complete electrical disconnection from the power supply upon a vehicular collision of a column, post or sign. Complete electrical disconnection is achieved in the feeder pillar within the time constraints as specified in BS EN 12767.

Each column, post or sign is fitted with a Tofco Isolator or Fuse Unit allowing looped & end of line terminations of SWA cables. The independent Tofco Zero Voltage (ZV) Circuit Detector is fitted above the Isolator or Fuse Unit and is wired back to the ZV Controller located within the feeder pillar.

Upon a vehicular collision, the ZV detector will activate the ZV Controller housed within the feeder pillar and disconnect all power to the affected circuit within the 0.4s time constraints as specified within BS EN 12767.

Column Isolators / Fuse Units to BS EN 60947-1 and BS7654 will be supplied to meet the specification and allow for termination of SWA supply cables.

Typical Installation Outgoing Impact Detector Cables Zero Voltage Feeder Pillar

The TPSK-ZV-FP system incorporates the same Zero Voltage technology that is used in our TPSK ZV underground chamber system offering the following features and benefits.

Features & Benefits (TPSK-ZV-FP) Impact Detector:

Feature: Zero Voltage Switch Benefit: Activated by collisions but not vibration.
Feature: Compact detector - Pre-fitted in Tofco DPI Isolator enclosure. Benefit: Reduced on-site installation time.
Feature: Epoxy encapsulated tilt switch. Benefit: Robust, not affected by moisture.
Feature: Non-mercury based detection technology. Benefit: Environmentally "friendly". RoHS Compliant and disconnects within the 0.4s time scale as stated within BS EN 12767.

Features & Benefits (TPSK-ZV-FP) Disconnection System:

Feature: Disconnects power to the lighting column / structure on vehicular collision. Benefit: COLUMN IS ELECTRICALLY SAFE AFTER COLLISION AND NO RISK TO EMERGENCY SERVICES.
Feature: Disconnects all Live and Neutral to the column when cable to column breaks. Benefit: NO RISK TO EMERGENCY SERVICES FROM LIVE END OF CONNECTOR.
Feature: No low voltage detection lines required. Benefit: Simple to install. No low voltage power supply required.
Feature: Lighting Panel supplied pre-wired within Tofco steel feeder pillar. Benefit: Easy to install, factory test certificate.
Feature: Automatic restart after power interruption. Benefit: No need for Manual Reset.
Feature: LED indication. Benefit: Installation and fault detecting easy. Indicates that system is live, that the detector is operational or if the ZV Disconnection system has been activated.
Feature: Special detector filter circuit. Benefit: Removes risk of spurious triggering from traffic vibration, electronic ballasts or vandal attack (e.g. kicking the lamp column).

Feeder Pillar Construction

The TPSK-ZV-FP comes pre-wired to meet the client’s specification and can provide a combination of Passive and Non Passive outgoing circuits.Panel Assembly Drawings (PAD) will be provided for client approval prior to manufacture.

Pillar sized to accommodate all internal switchgear and DNO supply if required. IP66 Internal enclosures to house panel components & ZV Disconnection System Auxiliary circuits – heater, light, REC socket, thermostat. Gland plate for SWA termination.
Main incoming Isolation device. Protective devices for outgoing circuits. Internal wiring and blocks sized to suit. Factory test certificate & PAD drawing supplied.

Please ensure minimum cable bend radius is achieved when selecting size of chamber.