Tofco Passive Safety Kit - ZERO VOLTAGE

The TPSK-ZV system provides complete electrical disconnection from the power supply upon impact of a column, post or sign, even if the supply cable is tethered. Electrical disconnection is achieved in the underground chamber within the time constraints as specified in BS EN 12767.

Upon a vehicular collision the ZV circuit will activate the Cut-out system housed within the enclosure and disconnect all power to the affected column, post or sign within the 0.4s time constraints as specified within BS EN 12767.

  1. Underground cable chamber with duct access
  2. Fixing eye bolt for attaching IP67/68 snatch plug cable
  3. IP67 GRP Termination enclosure
  4. IP68 RC2K Brass gland
  5. IP68 Compression gland
  6. Adjustable height shelf can be fitted in vertical or horizontal position (removable for installation)
  7. Passive disconnection circuit to comply with BS EN 12767 disconnection time to achieve ZERO VOLTAGE
  8. Terminal Blocks up to 35mm² SWA to terminate supply cable
  9. Double Pole switch disconnector & BS88 Fuse protection
  10. IP68 Snatch Plug & Socket System to comply with BS EN 12767
  11. Double Pole Column Isolator Unit manufactured to comply with BS EN 60947-3 incorporating Zero Voltage Switch Unit (pat. pending)

Features & Benefits of Zero Voltage System

Impact Detector:

Feature: Zero Voltage Switch Benefit: Activated by collisions but not vibration.
Feature: Compact detector - Pre-fitted in Tofco DPI Isolator enclosure. Benefit: Reduced on-site installation time.
Feature: Epoxy encapsulated tilt switch. Benefit: Robust, not affected by moisture.
Feature: Non-mercury based detection technology. Benefit: Environmentally "friendly". RoHS Compliant.

Cut-Out System:

Feature: Disconnects power to the Lamp Column on vehicular collision. Benefit: Column is electrically safe after impact. No risk to emergency services. Disconnects within the 0.4s time scale as stated within BS EN 12767.
Feature: Disconnects power to the column when cable to column breaks. Benefit: No risk to emergency services from live end of connector. Disconnects Live and Neutral if live cable accidentally severed by Groundworks contractors. Disconnects Live and Neutral to column even if detector is destroyed in impact.
Feature: No low voltage detection lines required. Benefit: Simple to install. No low voltage power supply required.
Feature: Uses only 4 wires to column – supplied as part of kit. Benefit: Lower cost. Easy to install in pre-wired kit format.
Feature: Automatic restart after power interruption. Benefit: No need for Manual Reset.
Feature: Can be Manually Disarmed and Armed Locally without interrupting entire circuit. Benefit: Can be maintained independently.
Feature: LED indication. Benefit: Installation and fault detecting easy. Warns installer/resetter that system is live.
Feature: Filter circuit. Benefit: Removes risk of spurious triggering from electronic ballasts, traffic vibration or vandal attack (e.g. kicking the lamp column).

Please ensure minimum cable bend radius is achieved when selecting size of chamber.